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I have been in a situation recently through ebay that I was given the second chance offer by a seller from ebay. What exactly is a second chance offer?(If you are new to ebay). Its simple. If you are bidding for a product and if your co bidder out bid you at the last moment you will be next best one after the winner. Now when the winner does not want to buy the item, then you are given a Second Chance Offer from the seller and you can buy the time with the price that you brought

How to use the second chance offer in your business?? Well as I told you before I was in a situation where I fell for the bid. Well I was competing with another buyer who is bidding for one of the product which I am interested in. I wanted that product so bad that I had to raise whenever I was outbid. For sometime I forgot where the price is taking me. Finally I though of quitting and stopped raising. So the competitor won the bid and the auction ended. After 3 days I got a second chance offer from the seller. So I was surprised as the co-bidder who was raising so much never wanted the product.

I really had a doubt about the seller, because it can be used as a business strategy. You know people sell their ebay accounts. So if the seller brought that account and he bids on his own bid trying to raise the bid. Its like a bait for the buyer who falls for this trick and finally once the auction is done he can go with the second chance offer for the next highest bidder.

And I feel most of the second chance offers will be accepted. Well I know that if the buyer dont pay for his bid after winning the bid for few number of occasion then he may loose his account. But I really feel "Does Second Chance Offers Really Help Your Business??????"

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Its been so long since my last post. Sorry really busy with my Masters and Job, I did not have enough time to update my blog often. Well I am still happy that I am getting emails from my readers asking me doubts. So for you guys I have started creating an ebook and is still in progress. Once it is done my subscribers can get a free copy of those.

Actually I am planning to put more interest on affiliate marketing and freelancing. So the launch date of my ebook is yet to be posted. Well as of now, for all those who need to start earning money online, please go through my categories and you can get more information from there.

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If you are familiar with selling your stuff online then you may be very much familiar with Ebay and Froogle(google shopping). Well ebay is like a mediator between buying and selling. But froogle indexes shopping sites. Well the reason why I tried to compare ebay and froogle even though they are completely different, is because of the sales we get with the help of these two sites.

Its really easy to keep your listing on google shopping. Just create a shopping site or just a webpage and you can add that to "Google Shopping" through "Google Base". If you haven't heard about google base before it takes sometime to get used to. Well ebay its very easy to start because you will get all the resources to start your business. All you need to have is the product and presentation resources for showing your listing.

For Froogle(Google Shopping) you don't need to pay anything like listing fees, final fee. The only cost that you need to pay will be for creating the listing page. If you are smart enough to get it for free then there will be no problem for that. But ebay is going to charge lot of money and because of its fame right now. You will be almost paying 15-20% of the final price after you sell your product. If you think that your item is demanding then this is the place where you can get real benefits from.

Well the traffic is completely variable for google shopping. First of all its really a bit of headache because you have to do on page optimization( ya you heard me right!!!) if you want to get results. Especially the title tag should be very accurate. The title tag is all what matters. But before you jump into google shopping first find if the people are searching for this product in google. I mean for example if you are interested in selling an antivirus, just use keyword tools to find the popularity of the search result. If you find more search results then just move ahead. If not then it will be your wish if you would like to use this. Well if you have enough time then I recommend to you use this because anyway its going to be completely free of charge. For ebay, use "ebay pulse" and you can find top 10 sellers in each category. Also on world wide web there are many other tools which you can search about. Then according to those results you can start selling your items. Actually if we talk about traffic for ebay its going to take more time. I will provide detailed information about selling on ebay on my upcoming posts. But before you sell its really a good practice to get to know about the demand of the product especially for ebay because you will be charged for the fees.

If you are using google shopping you can use different types of payment sources of your own wish because you are going to design your shopping site or listing page according to your own. If you don't have any idea about how you have to proceed then start with using paypal merchant services where you can get a payment button for free. There will be no monthly charges. If you are thinking of launching your business big then its better to use payment gateway services which are right now provided by many sites. If you are a fan of paypal then you can use their gateway services also. For ebay the payment mode will be generally though paypal. Generally you don't need to worry more about these things because ebay is going to take care about the payment mode and all(You can expect these kind of services as you are paying high amount of fees).

If you are using google shopping then you can expect less protection when compared. Well actually its going to be almost same but at times it matters. Anyway you are getting this service for free and hence you can expect some negatives. Ebay they say that they have very good buyer and seller protection but there is always a chance to either fool a buyer or seller. Well its a biased game if any matter raises to a dispute then you have to watch with crossed fingers until the issue is over because most of the time its buyers who win but at times sellers also win. Well even though how perfect you are there are always loop holes.

There are still many more thing which can be compared but these are the most important things which are taken into consideration. Anyway my choice is to "GOOGLE SHOPPING as a SELLER" and "EBAY as a BUYER". Feel free to comment on this topic because its a very interesting comparison and I don't think there are many good posts on this topic.

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Have you ever though of having a separate phone number for your business? Well most of the people will be thinking its good to have a separate contact number for online related purpose who does not want to share their personal number online. It really costs for a separate number for just online purpose. So how about a free US number? Sounds good right? This post covers a 3 step procedure for receiving calls through a US number to your computer.

First Step:
Register with and get a free SIP account. The SIP account starts with 8(ex:8980840 VOIP.Brujula address will be like the following address .. Your SIP number is your user name and also your contact number. Once you register make sure you note the information given by them because they are required at the time of configuration of your soft phone account.

Second Step:
Register with IPkall to get a free Washington number. Use this link to register For registering with this site you need the details for Once you register, with in 1 -2 hours you will get a free Washington number.

Third Step:
Now you need to download a software X-lite. This is a soft phone and it provides a free software too. Just search in google to download this software. Once you download just configure the software with the settings provided by

Thats it. Now you can receive free calls to your computer with the help of free US number. If you have any doubts regarding this software and all you can contact me because I have been using this since a very long time.

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I have already mentioned in some of my previous posts that you can also get traffic with misspelt keywords. Well here is one example I want to show who is making living of

At times I have the habit of typing the letters incorrectly while searching, some times because of the position in which I am while typing and some times because of carelessness as google will correct the mistyped. Really I have to admit that google had made me really lazy in this issue. Generally I don't type wrong keywords while typing URL's but recently I got a habit of mistyping gmail. Actually my laptop's "G" key is a little bit hard ( tried to meddle with it by removing and placing it back). So because of that I got the problem with the gmail at times.

I accidentally stumbled upon a site GMIAL.COM and came to know that this site is sponsored by Well its a email forwarding and domain forwarding website. For every 10 times of typing gmail I will type the wrong spelling for 1 time on an avarage. I have checked the free keyword suggestion tool by word tracker for that misspelt keyword gmial and came to know that many people have the habit of doing it. Well right now half a day is over and the word tracker showed already 101 searches for that mistyped. So all the traffic will be redirected to that misspelt spelt which is redirected to

So I recommend people to find a misspelt for a popluar a site in your niche and then try to convert the sites traffic to your site.

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Atlast I have reached the payout from Mgingerwebsite. Well I almost forgot that I have registered under this website. For the first 10 days I worked actively on this website and then afterward I forgot about this. Recently when I was just looking at my previous posts I came remembered this site and after logging into the site I came to know that I have crossed the payout. So I have requested and got a check from them. Well actually I made a screen shot of the check but unfortunately I some how deleted the pic. So I am actually adding a letter which I got from them along with the check.

mginger payment proof

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Today I am going to talk about the launch of an energy drink and about the contest they are conducting.BluFrog energy drink is a new one in the market which is trying for a good reach in the market in a short time.

Well first of all I would like to start with the look of their website. They really got a funky look and I really like it. Well regarding the contest they are conducting one lucky winner will be eligible for one of the five prize packages namely,A Blugamer Ultimate Gaming Package,a New Year's Eve Trip to New York, a trip to Lolapalloza in Chicago, a Richard Petty Racing Experience, or a trip to the Winter X Games in Aspen.

Well personally I prefer a blugamer ultimate gaming package which include an Xbox 360 elite with a rock band 2 bundle. Just look for the rules in their website and you can have a complete information about the contest. If you are really interested about the drink then I recommend you to visit the site and give a chance for the contest.


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